Rogan’s Rant About Christianity

Joe Rogan’s View Of Christianity

If I was sitting across from Rogan, how would I respond to what he was saying about Christianity? I imagined what I would like to share with him that would accurately reflect my beliefs as they pertained to Christianity.

How would this conversation go?

Whether you are a Christ follower or not, what goes through your mind when you read Rogan’s comments that day?

These are just his opening comments (then he gets more “colorful”):

Christianity, at the end of the day, with no proof, everything is mythology. Everything! With no proof. With proof, then you examine the proof. It’s super simple. And anybody that argues against that is just biased. You have your own ideas.


If you have some proof that there was a God, that this God had one son, and he made this son come down and get the f***k beat out of him and nailed to a board so that we could all have no sin. Can you show me some studies? Do you have a box of evidence that you could pull out, and we can examine all the different pieces that points to the undeniable conclusion that it’s true? Because if you don’t, then it’s a myth. You’re believing mythology.


It doesn’t mean [Christianity] is not real. But if you put all your fu****g eggs in that basket, and you don’t have any proof at all, you’re entering into this weird world where you don’t pay attention to s**t. You’re entering into this weird world where you ignore certain aspects of things because you’ve decided what is and what isn’t. That’s not thinking.


That’s not thinking. [Christianity] is like a convenient cookie-holder placement of ideas. It’s not thinking. Because if you’re thinking, you can’t accept it. If you’re thinking, you go, “Wait, what? He came back from the dead? Has anybody ever done that? Three days? He came back from the dead? I don’t think he can do that.” I mean, that’s what people would do normally.”

You get the idea—after this, it gets a lot more spicy…

What do you think of Rogan’s opinions about Christianity? Maybe you totally agree with his take. Perhaps you disagree. There may be some of you that could care less.

The answer to this question became a splinter in my mind

When I woke up, I thought about a conversation I would like to have with someone who believed like Rogan. I imagined what I would say to Joe about my faith while working out. When I mowed my yard, I pictured how a conversation would go if my faith was challenged by an influential person who thought like him…

The splinter in my mind began to lodge itself deep into my heart as the weeks and months went by.

I simply could not shake the uneasiness I felt whenever I thought about the millions upon millions of people that have never heard a proper defense for the good news gospel of Jesus Christ… Especially after hearing such a sure-sounding negative opinion about Christianity from such an influential person like Joe Rogan.

Because there has never been a guest to talk about these things with Rogan (to date), the record has yet to be set straight.

And as Proverbs explains: “There are two sides to every story. The first one to speak sounds true until you hear the other side, and they set the record straight.” ~ Proverbs 18:17 (TPT, emphasis mine)

I couldn’t stop thinking about the multitude of Christians who have walked away from the faith, having felt the sledgehammer of the so-called New Atheist movement (while not even knowing this movement existed).

It bothered me greatly that they had built their lives upon shifting sand and, in so doing, couldn’t withstand the persecution that inevitably comes with being a follower of Jesus.

Far too many Christians have a faith that is disconnected from their lives. They have intellectual beliefs about God, but when their faith comes under intense intellectual scrutiny, it can break down if it isn’t grounded in a personal encounter with God.

Knowing God is NOT just knowing about Him—it’s experiencing Him intimately.

The only thing I could find to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling in my soul was rereading some old books that had anchored my faith years ago. As I reread these books, I underlined sentences, highlighted paragraphs, wrote things in the book’s margins, looked up Scriptures in the Bible… and then wrote down thoughts in my journal.

This is the only thing that addressed the burden I was feeling in my heart and soul.

This book is a summarized documentation of that journey.

Let's Conect